Fall 2017 Section 001

Prior to making practice and formal presentations, students should very carefully review the ABT 301 Syllabus and note the specific requirements regarding submittal of Powerpoint files to the instructor.

Evaluation Criteria   Evaluation Form


Fall 2017:  Section 001

Practice* Presentation Date Formal** Presentation Date Presenters Evaluators
October 16 November 8 TBD TBD
October 18 November 13 TBD TBD
October 23 November 15 TBD TBD
October 25 November 20 TBD TBD
October 30 November 27 TBD TBD
November 1 November 29 TBD TBD
November 6 December 4 TBD TBD

* Evaluators, mentors, instructor and presenters attend practice session.
**All students attend formal presentations.