The instructors for the ABT program are listed below along with the course they teach, location of their office, their email address and their office phone number.

Instructor of ABT 461

S-307B Agricultural Science Center North
(859) 257-7474
Dr. Chuck Fox standing in the hallway of Ag North.

Instructor of ABT 101

217 Plant Science Building
(859) 218-0725
Dr. Michael Goodin in the confocal microscope lab.
Dr. Lou Hirsch

Instructor of ABT 120

229 Plant Science Building
(859) 218-0790
Dr. Lou Hirsch in the teaching lab.

Instructor of ABT 301 

437 Gluck Equine Research Center
(859) 218-1113
Dr. Daniel Howe sitting at his desk.

Instructor of ABT 301

419 Plant Science Building
(859) 257-5020 x80749
Dr. Carlos Lopez working under the PCR hood.

Instructor of ABT 460 (even years) and ABT 495 (fall semester)

311 Plant Science Bldg
(859) 218-0761


S-225 Agricultural Science Center North
(859) 257-4962
Dr. Reddy Palli in his lab.

Instructor of ABT 201

307 Plant Science Building
(859) 218-0732
Dr. Sharyn Perry working with homogenized plant material.

Instructor of ABT 301

N-122 Q Agricultural Science Center North,
(859) 257-1777
Dr. Olga Tysusko in her research lab.


209 Thomas Poe Cooper Building
(859) 257-3773
Dr. David Wagner rowing his boat.

Instructor of ABT/ENT 360

S-225K Agricultural Science Center North
(859) 257-7415