The instructors for the ABT program are listed below along with the course they teach, location of their office, their email address and their office phone number.

Instructor of ABT/ENT 505

S-307B Agricultural Science Center North
(859) 257-7474
Dr. Chuck Fox standing in the hallway of Ag North.

Instructor of ABT 101

217 Plant Science Building
(859) 218-0725
Dr. Michael Goodin in the confocal microscope lab.
Dr. Lou Hirsch

Instructor of ABT 120 and ABT 495

201F Plant Science Building
(859) 218-0790
Dr. Lou Hirsch in the teaching lab.

Instructor of ABT 301 and ABT 395/399

437 Gluck Equine Research Center
(859) 218-1113
Dr. Daniel Howe sitting at his desk.

Instructor of ABT 460 (even years) and ABT 495 (fall semester)

311 Plant Science Bldg
(859) 218-0761


S-225 Agricultural Science Center North
(859) 257-4962
Dr. Reddy Palli in his lab.

Instructor of ABT 201

307 Plant Science Building
(859) 218-0732
Dr. Sharyn Perry working with homogenized plant material.

Instructor of ABT/BIO/ENT/FOR 461

209 Thomas Poe Cooper Building
(859) 257-3773
Dr. David Wagner rowing his boat.

Instructor of ABT/ENT 360

S-225K Agricultural Science Center North
(859) 257-7415

Instructor of ABT 301

200L Kentucky Tobacco Research Center
(859) 257-4806
Dr. Ling Yuan in his office.