Dr. Craig Vander Kooi

Additional Information

Research in the Vander Kooi lab focuses on understanding how secreted growth factors bind to cell surface receptors and control normal physiological processes.  We also work to understand how aberrant signaling results in disease.  We primarily focus on the Neuropilin signaling pathway.  Neuropilin is an essential eukaryotic cell surface receptor that functions in both angiogenesis (the production of new blood vessels) and axon guidance.  We primarily use the tools of structural biology and biochemistry to understand molecular recognition and and protein engineering to develop specific and potent inhibitors. 

 ABT students in the laboratory have been very successful in biomedical research, medical, or biotechnological careers.  Each ABT student has their own independent project.  You will develop skills in protein production, purification, and structural analysis.  Additionally, you will perform biochemical assays to determine binding and inhibition both in vitro and in cells.  There are currently multiple open projects in the laboratory, contact Dr. Vander Kooi (craig.vanderkooi@uky.edu) to discuss potential research projects.