Arabidopsis thaliana
Arabidopsis thaliana is a plant commonly used for studying plant genetics.

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Schedule a visit!  During an Ag visit, you will meet with our Director of Student Relations, tour our Ag campus with an Ag Ambassador and also meet with a representative from the Ag & Medical Biotechnology program.

UK Core

There are many avenues to complete some of UK Core in high school.  Some AP and IB courses, dual credit courses in high school and community college coursework will transfer to UK and complete UK Core courses.  UK Core heading from bulletin

For Ag and Medical Biotech, a few of the UK Core requirements also fulfill pre-major or major requirements for the ABT degree.  Contact the Ag and Medical Biotech's academic coordinator or the transfer center for more information on completing UK Core courses prior to attending UK.

Admission to the Agricultural and Medical Biotechnology program

The Agricultural and Medical Biotechnology program is a non-selective major at the University of Kentucky.  Once you are accepted to UK and declare Ag & Medical Biotech as your major, you're an ABT student! 

academic expectations for the University of Kentucky
application form for the University of Kentucky

Transitioning to College

The Ag and Medical Biotech program is a challenging degree.  Whether you are still in high school or transferring from a community college, considering improving your understanding of calculus, chemistry and biology.  If your high school offers Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate studies, consider studying Calculus, Biology, and Chemistry. 

Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Studies

You can receive college credit for many of the AP and IB courses.  Please review the Special Academic Programs section in the current UK Bulletin concerning the University of Kentucky Policy Guide for Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate studies.

Planning on UK?

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