Spring Student Competition

Josiah Liew Liq Jong was awarded the Glenn B. Collins Award under the mentorship of Dr. Authur Hunt.

Josiah Liew Liq Jong, Spring 2018 recipient of the Glenn B. Collins Award and his mentor, Dr. Authur Hunt.


Ag & Medical Biotech students Henry Moore, Katie Bernardo, Trevor Farmer and Kristin O'Leary are involved in the Career Training in Oncology Program in the Markey Cancer Center under the mentorship of Dr. Nathan Vanderford.

Four Ag & Medical Biotech students are involved in cancer research as part of their undergraduate training.

Learning Biotechnological Methods

Our laboratory techniques course trains students in technical skills and understanding to critically examine biogical systems at the molecular level.

students measuring volumes for an experiment

Alltech Young Scientist

Ag & Medical Biotech student, Adrienne Arnold, places second in the North America region of the Alltech Young Scientist competition.

Adrienne Arnold places second in the North America region of the Alltech Young Scientist competition.

University Scholars program

Ag Biotech student, Ellis Shelley, is the first student in the Ag Biotech-Masters of Medical Science Program.

Ellis Shelley and his research mentor, Dr. Seth DeBolt


Emily Major received the Research Internship in Science and Engineering (RISE) from the German Academic Exchange Service to participate in a summer internship in Germany.

Emily Major


Graduate Studies

Several potted plants of Arabidopsis thalianaGraduate studies in veterinary science, plant science, animal science, biology, biomedical research, cancer research are a few of the areas in which an Ag and Medical Biotech degree will prepare you. 


patient undergoing dental examAn Ag and Medical Biotech degree is a great start to pursuing a career in healthcare professions such as:  medical doctors, dentists, pharmacists, optometrists, physical therapists and physician's assistants.

Careers in Life Sciences

sequencing data
Possibilities abound for graduates with a degree in Agricultural and Medical Biotechnology.  Foundational courses in biology, chemistry and genetics prepare you for a rewarding career in the life sciences.                                                     

Upcoming Events

December 4 and December 6 -- ABT 395/399 Student Presentations

December 10 - 14 -- Finals

December 14 -- Commencement


Recipient of the Glenn B. Collins Award

Spring 2018 Recipient

 Josiah Liew Liq Jong


Recommended for the Alltech Young Scientist Competition

Spring 2018

Anna Kogoy

ABT-Masters in Medical Science

Earn a Masters degree with ABT and the University Scholars program.