Learning Biotechnological Methods

Our laboratory techniques course trains students in technical skills at the molecular level.

students measuring volumes for an experiment

Glenn B. Collins Award

Deepshikha Bassetti Nayakwadi, co-recipient for Spring 2023.

photo of Deephsikha Bassetti Nayakwadi standing in front of the Agricultural and Medical Biotechnology backdrop

Glenn B. Collins Award

Afeef Shaik, co-recipient for Spring 2023.

photo of Afeef Shaik standing in front of the Agricultural and Medical Biotechnology backdrop


The Ag Biotech-Masters of Medical Science University Scholars Program allows students to continue in one program while completing an undergraduate and masters degree.

Ellis Shelley and his research mentor, Dr. Seth DeBolt

2022-2023 AMBER Award Recipients

Tyler Jessup

photo of Tyler Jessup standing in front of a tree trunk

2022-2023 AMBER Award Recipients

Megan Johnston

photo of Megan Johnston standing in front of tall green shrubs

2022-2023 AMBER Award Recipients

Isabella Lytle

photo of Issabelle Lytle front of a Japanese maple tree

2022-2023 AMBER Award Recipients

Shaelin Warner

photo of Shaelin Warner in front of a Japanese maple tree

2022-2023 AMBER Award Recipients

Annabelle Wilson

photo of Annabelle Wilson sitting in a yellow backed chair in front of green trees


Graduate Studies

Several potted plants of Arabidopsis thalianaGraduate studies in veterinary science, plant science, animal science, biology, biomedical research, cancer research are a few of the areas in which an Ag and Medical Biotech degree will prepare you. 


patient undergoing dental examAn Ag and Medical Biotech degree is a great start to pursuing a career in healthcare professions such as:  medical doctors, dentists, pharmacists, optometrists, physical therapists and physician's assistants.

Careers in Life Sciences

sequencing data
Possibilities abound for graduates with a degree in Agricultural and Medical Biotechnology.  Foundational courses in biology, chemistry and genetics prepare you for a rewarding career in the life sciences.                                                     

Upcoming Events

November 22-24  Thanksgiving Break
November 28, December 1  ABT 395 Student Presentations
December 11-15 Finals
December 14  Coffee Break for Graduating Seniors
December 15 M-G CAFE Commencement
January 8, 2024 First Day of Classes
 for Spring Semester


Recipients of the Glenn B. Collins Award

Spring 2023 Co-Recipients--Sai Deepshikha Bassetti Nayakwadi and Afeef Shaik

Recipients of the AMBER Award

Spring 2023 Recipients -- Tyler Jessup, Megan Johnston, Izzy Lytle, Shaelin Warner, Annabelle Wilson

Earn a Masters degree with ABT and the University Scholars program.

The University Scholars Program provides ABT students with a pathway to a Master's degree.  The program allows twelve graduate credit hours to apply to Master's degree and to the undergraduate degree.  The University Scholars Program is currently available to ABT students who wish to pursue a Master's degree in the following disciplines: