Career Options

Career Options

Career Options

The possibilities are endless with an Agricultural and Medical Biotechnology degree from the University of Kentucky.


Graduate Studies

Graduate studies in veterinary science, plant science, animal science, biology, biomedical research, cancer research are a few of the areas in which an Ag and Medical Biotech degree will prepare you. 

Plant and soil being inspected in a petri dish

Genetic sequence on paper


Careers in Life Sciences

Possibilities abound for graduates with a degree in Agricultural and Medical Biotechnology. Foundational courses in biology, chemistry and genetics prepare you for a rewarding career in the life sciences. 


Careers in Healthcare

An Agriculture and Medical Biotech degree is a great start to pursuing a career in healthcare professions such as medical doctors, dentists, pharmacists, optometrists, physical therapists, and physician's assistants (PAs).

Dentist standing in front of equipment

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