Our "DNA"

Our "DNA"

Our "DNA"

The Agricultural and Medical Biotechnology Program trains diverse students as life scientists and healthcare professionals.


Our program offers a community of learning.

Our team of instructors, advisors, research mentors and staff intentionally develops the next generation of life scientists.

Our Team

Our team members are involved in research from agriculture and medicine.

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With the help of our academic coordinator, each student creates a unique and personal plan for graduation, catered to their professional goals.

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Our selected coursework develops you intellectually

From the general education provided by our UK Core to our highest level of molecular genetic courses, our curriculum prepares you for a successful career and a lifetime of learning.


Our program develops you as a biotechnologist.

We study DNA, the building block of life.  Whether your interest is in animals, plants, or human health, DNA is DNA.  We provide a foundation in the principles of genetics, molecular biology, and genetic engineering.

Course Descriptions

From your first semester to your last, ABT courses are designed to develop and build upon your knowledge.

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Undergraduate Research

All students in the ABT program participate in an undergraduate research project.

Our Student Research


Our program develops your critical thinking skills as a scientist.

You are given the opportunity to engage in the scientific method of inquiry by completing your own independent research project.


Our program allows you to personalize your curriculum.

You identify and select your own electives courses according to your career goals and personal interests.

Major Elective Courses

Courses from soil microbiology to cancer genetics allow students to tailor an personalized curriculum.

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Contact Information

Esther Fleming
Academic Coordinator

N-24C Ag. Science Center North Lexington, KY 40546-0091

+1 (859) 257-3263